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Community Education & Benefit Access 


We offer several different educational courses to continue to be well received by the senior and employer community. Each seminar is designed to be specific to a real concern, relevant to the audience, and wholly informative in both format and purpose. 


With an ever-changing set of criteria for all the different Medicare benefits available in each market, we serve the seminar subject matter evolves with each geographic region we serve. 


Over the past 18 months, the shortlist below have been the most requested educational topics specific to Adult and Medicare Insurance.

  • Adult Insurance for 21st-century Employers 
  • Medicare for working adults over 65
  • Avoiding Medicare “Scams”
  • Working with your PCP (primary care provider)
  • Prescription Drugs and Medicare 
  • Medicare 101 / Turning 65 
  • TRICARE for Life and Medicare working together


We provide education at no cost to any community organization, employer, or civic group that serves Medicare beneficiaries. All that is required is that you have at least one person interested in learning more about senior healthcare. 

Local Medicare Benefit Access

Community Centered Advocacy, Zero Cost, Professional Guidance 


We have multiple area benefit access centers that provide a safe, clean, professional environment for adults with questions about what additional benefits may be available to them. Through experience, we know every individual and family situation is unique; we offer all the services available to the community at zero cost.


 We assist the communities we serve with the following services. 

  • LIS/Extra Help From Social Security: Reduces Part D premiums, deductibles, copays and eliminates the coverage gap based on income and resource level
  • SLMB2/Qualifying Individual-1(Ql-1): Pays Medicare Part B premium; you are auto-enrolled in Part D Extra Help
  • Specified Low- Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB): Pays Medicare Part B premium; You are auto-enrolled in Part D Extra Help.
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiar(QMB): Medicare Part B premium and you are auto-enrolled in Part D Extra Help; Qualified Medicare Beneficiary(QMB): Medicare Part A premiums, if applicable Medicare Part B premiums; Co-insurance and deductibles for PartsA & B Cost-sharing for MedicareAdvantage. You are auto-enrolled in Part D Extra Help
  • Home and CommunityBased Services(HCBS): 63 and older, pays for in-home services
  • MO HealthNet/ Medicaid: Co-insurance and deductibles for PartsA&B; You are auto–enrolled in Part D Extra Help

To find out what benefits you or your family qualify for please contact us to schedule a no-cost appointment to explore all your options with Community Medicare.