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Partnering with Providers


We serve each medical group or Medicare provider with only one goal in mind: achieving better health outcomes for their Medicare Members. In the complex world of practicing medicine in a 21st century America and the requirement to comply with MACRA, MIPS, HEDIS, and the like, providers have many additional requirements that do not exist with their non-Medicare patient’s panel. 


Community Medicare has created a proven, field-tested method to improve Medicare patient compliance that can be easily implemented with almost any medical provider who has a desire to improve. 


To best demonstrate how this works, we have included a brief case study of one of our many success stories. 

Independent Primary Care and Medical Groups

With the ever-changing environment of adult healthcare in the 21st century America there are more variables and components to providing quality care than ever before. We must know how long and hard each of the seniors worked and contributed to our great nation and make sure they earn all the healthcare benefits associated with being an active Medicare beneficiary. 


Each year the government changes or adds requirements for Medicare Physicians, Medicare Independent Insurance Agents, Medicare Insurance Companies and Medicare Patients.


Given all of the aspects of this “NEW WORLD OF MEDICARE,” the Primary Care Physicians that Community Medicare currently works with make the wise and prudent business decision to ensure that Medicare patients are never without counsel for all apsects that affect quality care outcomes inside the practice medicare patient pannel.


After reviewing the current Medicare market for independent medical group, our clients made the critical decision to enlist in the services of Community Medicare.


Community Medicare mirrors the same principals and values of any quality independent PCP or Medical group. They also recognize that modern Medicare is confusing at the very least.


Community Medicare is genuinely independent and does not represent any one specific insurance company. The company represents products, programs, and benefits that apply to any particular geography or specific medical groups growth goals.


Community Medicare’s focus is working with local people in the community, local quality Doctors/ PCPs, medical office staff, and the local senior medicare beneficiary to ensure benefits are best aligned with your prescribed care plan, all while keeping their top priority in mind: your health.


We invite you to learn more about Community Medicare. We work with Independent Primary Care and Medical Groups on a nation-wide scale. Please contact us directly to see if your practice could benefit from our service based medicare solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

To best demonstrate how this works, we have included one of our many success stories.  

Primary Care Provider with Medicare Chronic Condition Compliance Challenges

Practice Challenge


An independent Primary Care Provider office was having a significant challenge in gain medical compliance for many of their Medicare patients. Appointments were consistently a “no show” for this group, hospital re-admission was well above national benchmarks, and the volume of ER visits was just as discouraging.


Action Taken


This provider embraced a partnership with Community Medicare on a patient communication program to ensure all of the Medicare patients had access to independent education specific to how Medicare plans, options, and additional benefits work best for them and their provider.


Community Medicare worked directly with the provider and its staff to implement a patient communication program focused on how health outcomes are better supported by plans and benefits specific to the individual patient.


Positive Outcome


Inside six months, ER visits and hospital readmission were significantly reduced, HEDIS and the like began to increase, and the appointment “no show” became only five percent of the original number. Involving all active parties in the Medicare process allowed for the sum value to be much larger than the parts and the PCP practice to improve its outcomes and bottom-line without having to do it all alone.


To find out if your provider group would qualify for our service, please contact us to schedule a brief call to define how to best proceed.


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