Partnering with Community Medicare

With all of the noise out there in the Medicare sales marketplace today, we chose to work on the things we know we can do daily to help professional agents grow their business and improve their income. 

We do not have any form of magic tricks or secret ways to earn a significant income in the business of Medicare sales. 

Our offering to the independent professional agent is simple; if your desire to make Medicare sales your career, regardless of your age, background, education, or the like, we can help you achieve your goals. 

The agent training we offer is always specific to the needs of our agents. If growing with a provider practice or growing in an underserved community interests you, or you simply have the burning desire to learn more about how you can help more people, please contact us. 

It is always refreshing to speak with another independent Medicare producer who wants to learn more about any of our agent training and marketing programs.   

We Have Included a Few of our Many Agent Success Stories.  

Corporate W-2 Captive Agent Finds True Peace of Mind


Career Challenge


Captive Medicare Advantage agent had been working on a W-2 for a publicly traded health insurance company when she decided she had to make a change. This agent was always being reprimanded by the corporate “Bosses” for not reaching her sales goals even though she was working harder than ever. Her biggest challenge was the fact that clients did not think her company’s product was worth enrolling in.


Action Taken


Having a few conversations and face-to-face meeting with Community Medicare, the agent gained significant clarity. She embraced the fact that the independent professional agent career path could provide her with more opportunity, a higher income and the peace of mind that comes with working outside of corporate America. This agent adapted her mindset to mirror the local healthcare environment and understands that independent Medicare agents play a vital role in 21stcentury America. She combined this knowledge with all the additional freedom of being an Idepenedent Agent to become a great Medicare professional.


Situation with Community Medicare Partnership


Two years later, the former corporate captive is running a thriving, high-quality Medicare agency. She has time to coach two different children’s sports teams, which she didn’t have time to do before, has a six-figure renewal income and can both donate and volunteer at her family’s church.

agent deserves ALL the credit for her success. Community Medicare did nothing more than listen, support, and work with her daily throughtout the agency development process. The company’s relationship with the agent has grown tremendously. This is just one more example of where the sum is much greater than the individual parts.

46-year-old Medicare Supplement Agent Evolves into a 21st Century Medicare Professional


Business Challenge 


Independent agent, who has built an excellent income selling quality Medicare Supplement products, began to experience a decline in both his renewal income and his new business production. Taking into consideration the introduction of MACRA, the changed fees for Service Medicare physician reimbursement, and the ever-increasing client premium, this agent felt he only had two options.


  • Option 1: Embrace change in the Medicare industry to better serve current and future clients
  • Option 2: Change enterprises and begin an entirely new career at 46 years old.


Action Taken


Completing a thorough review, he could not come up with any compelling reasons to change industries. So, the agent starting investigating what products and options were available other than Medicare Supplements, that his client base would value and appreciate.


This prompted him to connect with Community Medicare, where he learned and embraced the three specific “blueprint trainings” they had developed. These trainings allowed the agent to quickly become a professional in all aspects of Medicare, from the benefits options available to its qualifying beneficiaries.


Situation with Community Medicare Partnership


The help of Community Medicare, this agent was able to diversify his book of business. Once he gained a full understanding of all available options and how each of these options can be applied to multiple situations, he grew as a professional and his business is stronger than ever. He was able to introduce his clients to new products and services such as Medicare Savings Accounts and Medicare Advantage, as opposed to offering them the traditional Medicare with a supplement. He was amazed with how appreciative his clients were! Making the decision to connect with Community Medicare helped this agent transform his struggling business into the Medicare Education Destination for all seniors in the area.

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